Australia implements immediate 225% increase in student visa application fees

Australia Hikes Student Visa Fees from 1 July 2024

Starting 1 July 2024, the Australian government has significantly increased student visa fees. The application fee will rise to AUS$1,600, a 225% increase from the previous fee of AUS$710

Applicant type Fee
Visa Subclass:
Student visa (subclass 500) All other students
Base application charge:
AUD 1,600.00
Additional applicant charge 18 & over:
Additional applicant charge:
Non-internet application charge:
Subsequent temporary application:
  • Effective July 1, 2024, Australia has increased Student visa (subclass 500) fees.
  • Main applicant fee is now $1,600, reflecting a significant increase.
  • Accompanying applicants aged 18 and over are charged $1,445 each; those under 18, $390 each.
  • The government cites this increase as necessary to enhance education integrity and support migration strategies.
  • These adjustments come amidst rising visa application rejections, highlighting efforts to strengthen the international education system.


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